Geopolitics & International Relations

"A US-ROK Alliance for the Future." Senior diplomats from both sides call the US-ROK alliance “the linchpin of peace, security, and prosperity” in the Indo-Pacific. The Republic of Korea is strategically placed near some of the world’s biggest hotspots today. It faces a nuclear threat from the North, navigates the challenges of the increasing US-China divide up close, and must grapple with its currently strained relationship with neighbor and fellow US ally, Japan. Seoul was also seen neglected during the US’ recent withdrawals from the international sphere. The international community at large can feel the US’ leadership in the traditional rules-based world order beginning to crack. So where to from here? How can the US reassure its allies that it is back and here to stay? How will the US deal with the most dangerous issues in the region? Will US alliances in Asia prove to be resilient amid the turmoil?

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